Ep 51: Saving Social Security

This episode is not endorsing proposals from either Democrats or Republicans (listing alphabetically). Apoligies as we run a bit long as this topic is a bit too complex to finish under five minutes with an Intro/Outtro.

Little did we know when we recorded this video earlier this week that Social Security was going to be a hot topic at the State of the Union. As we’re politically agnostic, we debated shelving this episode for now as Social Security reform shouldn’t be polictical. Nevertheless, we chose to release the episode as scheduled.

Social Security is in trouble. Without some sort of reform, it’s going to run out of money and the solvency of the program is questionable. This episode gives an overview of the reforms that could be put in place to ensure that Social Security is solvent and available for everyone who has contributed.

This shouldn’t be a Democrat/Republican issue. The time for kicking the can down the road is coming to an end. It’s time to find a solution to ensure this important program stays solvent and stops being a political talking point.